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Bitdefender Supports Ferrari with Advanced Threat Intelligence to Improve Detection and Response to Cyber Threats

A partnership built on trust and innovation – Bitdefender supports Ferrari with Advanced Threat Intelligence to improve detection and response to cyber threats

The pressure to keep pace with the evolving global cyber threat landscape is high. Ferrari has integrated Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence into its operations to detect and respond to cyberthreats faster with access to the most up-to-date and accurate threat intelligence.

Much like F1 racing, every second counts when it comes to preventing and stopping cyberattacks. Actionable threat intelligence is critical for modern security operations teams for increased visibility into the threat landscape to speed response. As we expand our partnership with Ferrari to help them protect their most critical information, we look forward to being a trusted ally to Ferrari and their cybersecurity team in the ongoing fight against cybercrime.
Florin Talpes

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bitdefender

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Bitdefender Threat Intelligence helps us with the difficult challenge of detecting and preventing hidden threats ‘in the wild’ to respond faster, and also increases our awareness of the tactics used by attackers.
Luca Pierro

Head of Cybersecurity, Ferrari

When it comes to our cybersecurity partners, we look for ones committed to innovation and at the forefront of cybersecurity to manage the challenges. Working with Bitdefender, we see there are all the conditions for a strong and collaborative relationship, and we will rely on Bitdefender’s experience, professionalism, and reliable tools to bolster Ferrari’s cybersecurity strategy.
Silvia Gabrielli

Chief Digital & Data Officer, Ferrari

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