Bitdefender together with Scuderia Ferrari

A partnership born from a passion for high performance and technological innovation.

The power of data, humans and machines working together to drive excellence

Only the best stay ahead, whether on the racetrack or the cyber landscape. Bitdefender is a global cybersecurity leader with 20+ years of experience protecting its millions of consumer and business customers from evolving threats. The key to its success is never standing still, always innovating and anticipating the next threat.

This relentless pursuit of innovation and speed is what drew Bitdefender to Scuderia Ferrari, the most iconic Formula 1 team. Founded by Enzo Ferrari, the “Prancing Horse” team has competed in every world championship since 1950, building a famously passionate global fan base, the ardent “Tifosi”, and larger than life fame. We believe that Bitdefender’s multi-year partnership with Scuderia Ferrari is a natural alignment between two companies that value excellence in performance and a culture of security.

F1 car
I am happy to have Bitdefender as the cybersecurity global partner of Scuderia Ferrari. I’m glad we’re together in this continuous race towards performance, always striving to stay ahead. We share many common values such as high performance and innovation.
Carlos Sainz

Scuderia Ferrari Driver

F1 driver

On the track every millisecond counts

In cybersecurity and Formula 1, every millisecond counts. Technology makes all the difference in who has the advantage. Bitdefender researchers, security analysts, and engineers are on the cutting edge of cybersecurity, developing threat and behavioral analytics from its network of millions of monitored and protected endpoints to prevent, detect and respond to threats faster.

When every second counts, only the most advanced cars win races on the track, and only the most advanced technology has the power to effectively prevent, defend and respond to cyberattacks. Partnering with Scuderia Ferrari, the most iconic Formula 1 team, is a natural fit for Bitdefender, and we look forward to accelerating our brand awareness as we stay focused on providing our customers worldwide with leading edge cybersecurity protection. Florin Talpes

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bitdefender

This season the Bitdefender logo will appear on the driver’s helmets and the halo bar of the SF-23 single-seater, two of the most critical safety elements designed to protect drivers. This positioning is meaningful to us as Bitdefender is similarly committed to protecting our customer’s data and trusted to safeguard them from cybercrime.
Bogdan Irina

COO and General Manager, Consumer Solutions Group, Bitdefender

F1 driver

It takes talent & commitment to achieve performance

Extraordinary technology is important, but it’s talent and dedication that gets you across the finish line. Bitdefender security analysts and researchers, like Scuderia Ferrari team, share a common vision. Talent and commitment drive Scuderia Ferrari while Bitdefender is guided by them to anticipate cyber threats, outmaneuver adversaries, and stop attacks. People + Technology.