How does Bitdefender Password Manager Shared Plan work?

Bitdefender Password Manager Shared Plan enables multiple users to access and utilize the same subscription. It provides a centralized approach to software access, administration, and support, offering a cost-effective solution for sharing the password manager service among multiple users.


What is Bitdefender Password Manager Shared Plan?

  • Bitdefender Password Manager Shared Plan provides a password management service for a group of 4 people: 1 Plan manager and 3 Members.
  • The person in charge of the shared subscription plan, known as the Plan Manager, can share the service among the members.
  • Each member gets their own unique Bitdefender Central account linked to their email address and access to the Bitdefender Password Manager service.



  • Bitdefender Password Manager Shared Plan includes up to 4 people, all paid with a single subscription.
  • Everyone gets their own separate account.
  • Unlimited password storage for the entire group.
  • The shared subscription’s access is within the plan manager’s responsibility.


How it works

  • The individual who makes the initial purchase of the Bitdefender Password Manager Shared Plan retains ownership of the subscription as the plan manager. This person serves as the owner of the parent account, responsible for managing the subscription and payment.
  • To invite members, the subscription owner must first activate Bitdefender Password Manager Shared Plan in Central.
  • A member may be added or removed at any moment by the plan manager.
  • Each member has a unique Bitdefender Password Manager account and password vault.
  • The passwords & individual accounts of the members are not visible to the plan manager.
  • Members continue to have access to their individual account and Password Manager service for a 30-day trial period after leaving or being removed from the Shared Subscription.
  • Once the 30-day trial expires, ex-members will no longer have access to the Password Manager service, and their accounts and passwords will be deleted after 90 days.


Sharing Bitdefender Password Manager with multiple users