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How to use the Bitdefender (2014) Wallet

Bitdefender Wallet is the password manager that helps you keep track of your passwords, protects your privacy and provides a secure browsing experience.

Using a single master password to access your credentials, Wallet makes it easy for you to keep your passwords safe.


Once the installation of your product is finished and you open your browser, you will be notified through a pop-up window that you can use Wallet for an easier browsing experience.

Click Explore to start the setup wizard for the Wallet. Follow the wizard to complete the setup process.


Two tasks can be performed during this step:

1. Create a new Wallet database to protect your passwords.


During the setup process, you will be asked to protect your Wallet with a master password. The password should be strong and contain at least 7 characters (in order to create a strong password we recommend using minimum one number or symbol, and one upper case character).

Once you have set a password, anyone trying to access the Wallet will first have to provide the password.


At the end of the setup process, the following Wallet settings are enabled by default:

- Save credentials automatically in Wallet.

- Ask for my master password when I login to my computer.

- Automatically lock Wallet when I leave my PC unattended.


2. Import an existing database if you previously used Wallet on your system.


Other Wallet options

Also, you can make any other configurations for this feature by accessing the Bitdefender interface > Settings > Wallet; at this point you can select which applications are enhanced to be used with the feature and make custom settings regarding the Master password, Autofill or secured logins.


Otherwise, you can manage your current Wallet database from the main product interface, under the Wallet panel by clicking on Manage, then Open Wallet; here you will be able to see all the information that has been saved over time, categorized, so you can have easier access over your personal information.

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