20 Aug 2012

Australian Anti-Whaling Hacker Breached 10 Faroe Islands Sites


Australian Anonymous member DoktorBass, who last month publicly regretted breaching an African feminist group, breached 10 Faroe Islands websites, accusing the community of “illegal whaling,” according to his Facebook account. Telecommunication company Faroese Telecom, car dealer Nordcar, and news site NetAvisin are among the victims of the attack.

Operation “Harpoon” was also completed by several data dumps, including user and administration passwords. Over 1,500 e-mails and credentials were leaked from just one of the hacked web sites.

“Dear Faroes Island residents, we are Anonymous,” DoktorBass said. “We have targeted your community because of the illegal whaling that goes on there. We want it STOPPED. For too long this has gone on, and day after day these poor innocent animals are slain for money and food. It’s a crime against nature to slaughter them in such a way, and it must END. These defacement’s [SIC] are stage one of our operation, there is more to come.”

Anonymous supporters have already disagreed with the anti-whaling defacements. Some Anons even advised DoktorBass to focus his “time and energy on some real targets.”

“I used to like you Anonymous,” reads a comment on CyberWarNews. “But now I know that you no better than the whale wars zealots, with no interest in getting their facts straight. Whaling in the Faroes is NOT illegal, it is accepted in international laws. And there is no money involved. The meat is distributed equally between the participants and some of it goes to hospitals and old people’s homes. And one extra fact, the yearly slaughter only claims 0.1 percent of the pilot whale population. And some years none are killed.”

Last month, the young hacker breached an African feminist organization, but soon regretted the attack, blaming it on his youth and stupidity. “Right. I’ve made a mistake obviously,” the hacktivist said. “I feel very guilty now about dumping that site, I shouldn’t have done it. It was a site promoting women’s rights in Africa for f**k’s sake. I’m meant to be supporting that.”