23 May 2012

Australian Spotify Launched With Security Errors

Digital music service Spotify was launched in Australia with a security error, notifying users who visited the website on its first day of existence of an invalid security certificate message, saying the connection was untrusted.

If they tried to access the service through Google or the blog that announced the launch, users were directed to an Australian section of the US site. “However, users who specifically went to www.spotify.com.au were not redirected to the US site; rather, they remained on the spotify.com.au domain, with the site serving up the US certificate, which did not work,” according to ZDNet.

The company has fixed the flaw and gave no details about the security certificate problem on its website. 

A couple of months before the launch, the service’s representatives emphasized the importance of Australia. “It is the seventh-largest music market in the world, it has high smartphone penetration and high Facebook penetration,” said executive Kate Vale.

The company already operates in 12 European countries and the United States and is supported by advertising or subscribers who pay a monthly fee for the commercial-free version.