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Top Rated Windows Antivirus Rebranded Solutions

Also known as Antimalware Private Label or Antivirus White Label, Bitdefender allows partners to add their own antivirus brand and change the color scheme. Rebranding an antivirus product has many advantages:

  • Increase sales from existing customer by offering your own branded security solution.
  • Generate more revenue compared to reselling a product.
  • Expand your company brand presence.
  • Bundle you solution with other products to increase average selling price.
  • Tap into new markets with security products.

Windows Antimalware White Label or Antivirus Private Label Solutions

Whether you want consumer or business antivirus solutions, Bitdefender provides a variety of products that easily allows businesses to add security solutions to their product portfolio. Here are just some of the reasons partners use a white label solution from Bitdefender.

  • Offer award winning rebranded antivirus products to your customers.
  • Launch private labeled antimalware products quickly without needing to invest in malware engineers.
  • Provide antimalware white label solutions without heavy capital investment costs.
  • Test new markets without adding significant resources or time.

Windows Rebranded Features

You can choose from a variety of predefined packages that are compatible with the latest Windows version. Many of the antivirus white label solutions allow you to select which product meets your customers need. If you are looking for a more customized solution, please contact us.