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Ready, Set, Go

Bitdefender has a number of antimalware solutions that are waiting for you! Add your brand, change colors, and revise fonts to match your company style. This is a simple way to add a security solution and provide them to your existing customers or prospects. With a list of pre-packaged antivirus solutions, you can choose the products that are right for you.

No Antimalware Experts Required

You do not need to develop a security solution from scratch. Bitdefender has a variety of antimalware solutions to meet your needs from individual to business solutions. With 15 years of antivirus industry experience, 3 successive Product of the Year awards, and numerous certifications, Bitdefender provides high quality products without requiring you to hire a cadre of antivirus experts or researchers.

Windows Rebranded Solutions

You choose from a variety of predefined packages that are compatible with the latest Windows version. Since your customers are familiar with your brand and trust your products, you can easily generate additional revenue with minimal investment and technology costs. Choose packages that meet your customer requirements and start selling your own branded antimalware solutions.

Mac Rebranded Solution

Select a product that compliments your Windows product line and offers your customers a Mac antivirus solution. With market leading antimalware technology, Bitdefender provides a product that allows you to tap a large market and provide extensive coverage across multiple operating systems.

Mobile Rebranded Solution

The purchase of Android devices is the fastest growing market in the world. There will be an estimated 1 billion devices shipped worldwide. Smartphones and tablets are being used to access sensitive banking information, confidential company data, and password protected accounts. While this device allows us access to personal and corporate information, it has dramatically spawned Android malware used to steal information.

Endpoint Client Security Rebranded Solution

Offer your customers a business solution which allows them to manage and implement an antimalware solution from a management console. Based on the leading antivirus technology, your endpoint client security product provides you a lightweight, best-of-breed technology that protects users from advanced malware threats.