Quickscan SDK or Rebrand

Analyzes Malware in Minutes

Browser based or SDK Integration

Cloud Based Malware Scanning

Quickscan uses the Bitdefender Antimalware Cloud to analyze files and applications to determine if they are infected or not. Traditional antivirus products require proper configuration and frequent updates, but can still fall short of capture the exponential growth of malware. Quickscan is a browser-based program that partners can use to develop a client-based application.

No Updates Required

No signature update is required. No software is required. No software update is needed. After the first initial scan of the device, Quickscan keeps a record of the file and applications scanned. If any of the files are modified, then Quickscan will send a hash of the changes to the Bitdefender Cloud to determine whether the changed files or applications are safe or not.

Keep User Credentials Safe

Quickscan can be used to check a computer system before launching any program that requires user credentials or user name and password combinations. Prevent keylogging or screen scraping programs from capturing your sensitive information from your personal computer by allowing Quickscan to scan for malware prior to entering sensitive information.

Works with Antivirus Products

Most computer systems cannot have 2 different antivirus products working on a single device without some modifications. Quickscan works with any existing antivirus program without having to remove or uninstall the application. Even though your users may have an existing antivirus program, Quickscan provides a second opinion to determine whether their device (or devices) contains malware.