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Mobile Antimalware Rebranded Solution

While mobile phones and tablets allow access to personal and corporate information, it has dramatically spawned more malicious code writers to create Android malware that is used to steal information. Adding your own rebranded mobile antivirus solution has several advantages, they are:

  • Generate more mobile revenue.
  • Increase your mobile brand presence.
  • Expand into new markets.
  • Offer your own mobile antivirus solution.
  • Protect your customers from mobile malware.

Mobile Antivirus White Label Features

Thousands of legitimate mobile applications have been created to help businesses generate income, make business transactions easy, help employees to be more productive, and allow users to have mobile devices become a part of their daily activities. But let’s face it! Mobile malware is a fast growing attack point for malicious code writers. Bitdefender offers private label products that protect users from these mobile device attacks.