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Endpoint Antivirus Rebranded Solution

Partners can manage and implement a private label antimalware solution from your management console. For the rebranded endpoint client security to work with a centralized management console, you will need the Endpoint Client Security SDK. The Endpoint Client Security SDK communicates and can integrate the functionality of white label endpoint products into an existing management console. Endpoint white label products provide these benefits:

  • Generate more revenue by adding business products.
  • Increase your brand awareness.
  • Manage business antivirus products from your central management console.
  • Increase profits by selling your own antimalware solution.
  • Add business antimalware solution to your product line.
  • Extend security protection to devices within the network.

White Label Endpoint Antimalware Features

Key features are provided within all endpoint clients to protect users from new online threats. Each private label endpoint client uses the multi-layer protection model to defend against zero day or unknown malware attacks.

Business Solution Rebrand Your Endpoint Security Brand
Antivirus & Antispyware
Search Advisor
Web Filtering
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