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Attract More Prospects

Bundle Bitdefender antivirus products with your solution or service to increase demand for your product. You can pre-install Bitdefender into your hardware, allow customers to download it from your site, or load it into a DVD along with your application. There is an unlimited number of ways you can bundle Bitdefender products or services with your solution.

#1 Rated Detection

Promote the highly rated antivirus technology with your products or services to get the attention of prospective buyers. With 500 million users worldwide, Bitdefender is a recognized antimalware leader that adds value to your product or service. With a strong track record of awards and certifications, people trust Bitdefender to provide them strong antivirus protection.

Free Customer Support

Bitdefender provides free support for all products. You do not need to provide technical assistance for customer related inquiries – Bitdefender will answer all support and payment questions so you do not need to be involved. Customers can access customer support through: email, chat, forums, or phone. All these channels of communication are easily accessible.

Automatic Revenue Tracking

Combine the best-of-breed technology to help generate more revenue with your product. All transaction are automatically tracked, even returns are automatically credited to the customer’s account. You have your access to your account anytime so you can track all of the transactions related to the sale of the product. A check will automatically be issued to you for all the products sold by your company.

Available Products

With a wide variety of products, you can start generating additional revenue quickly. Some of the products available are: Antivirus Plus, Internet Security, Total Security, Antivirus for Mac, and Android Mobile Security. Bitdefender supports multiple languages and the product can be packaged to meet your requirements.

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