Be aware of Ransomware!

30% of SMBs fell victim
to a cyberattack in the past 12 months*

Protect your business with
Bitdefender Business Security

Reasons why Small Businesses
are targeted by Ransomware**

SMBs have smaller budgets for investing in security technologies, turning them into likely targets for ransomware attacks.

SMBs are more likely to give into ransomware extortion, as their files and databases are often critical to business continuity.

What parts of your business
can be blocked by ransomware?

Your business website

Client or any other databases you are using

Critical excel files.

Block access to a device entirely

Bitdefender uses not one, but three
protection layers to safeguard your business.

Together they form one of market’s
most powerful shields against ransomware.


Blocks zero-day ransomware attacks like WannaCry


Stop ransomware from encrypting
PROCESS INSPECTOR (ATC) Finds Ransomware behaviour in unknown files & processes

Keep your business safe against evolving threats

New ransomware variants and other zero-day threats routinely bypass traditional AV/antimalware security.

Using advanced behavior-based technologies, Bitdefender detected 99% of unknown threats in independent trials run by reputed independent testing organization, AV-Comparatives.

*(The 2016 State of SMB Cybersecurity by Ponemon Institute)
**Liviu Arsene, Senior E-threat Analyst at Bitdefender

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