How to configure the Work Profile

Running multiple tasks at work, such as sending e-mails, having a video communication with your distant colleagues or working with design applications may affect your system performance. The Work Profile has been designed to help you improve your work efficiency, by turning off some of your background services and maintenance tasks.

According to your activity, the following product settings are applied when the Work Profile activated:

• All Bitdefender alerts and pop-ups are disabled.

• Automatic Update is postponed

• Scheduled scans are postponed.

• Search Advisor is disabled

• Special offers notifications are disabled.


You can configure the actions taken by Bitdefender while in Work Profile, by following the instructions presented below:

1. Click the icon on the left side bar of the Bitdefender interface.

2. Select the PROFILES tab.

3. Click the CONFIGURE button from the Work Profile area.

4. Choose the system adjustments you would like to be applied by checking one or more of the options displayed in the new window.

If Bitdefender does not automatically enter Work Profile when you launch a certain work app, you can manually add the application to the Applications list:

• Click on the Applications list button.

• Click Add.

• In the new windows, browse to the application’s executable file and select it.

• Click OK to add it to the list.

5. Click Save to close the windows.