How to report undetected spam messages

If you are using a supported mail client – Outlook or Thunderbird – you can easily indicate which e-mail messages should have been detected as spam. Doing so helps improve the efficiency of the antispam filter.


Follow these steps to block an undetected spam message:

1. Open your e-mail client. An email client is a program used to send and receive emails.

2. Go to the Inbox folder.

3. Select the undetected spam message.

4. Next, click the Is Spam button on the Bitdefender Antispam toolbar, on the upper part of the mail client window. If the antispam cloud services are activated in settings, the message is sent to Bitdefender Cloud for further analysis to improve future detections.

5. The unsolicited message will be immediately marked as [spam] and moved to the junk mail folder.


ⓘ  Note: If you mistakenly marked an email as spam, that message would automatically be tagged as [spam] and moved to your Spam folder. To undo the action select the message marked as SPAM by Bitdefender Antispam and then press the “Not Spam” button on the Antispam toolbar. This action indicates that the selected email is not spam and Bitdefender should not have tagged it. The email will be moved from the Spam folder back to the Inbox directory.