Latest Bitdefender Build Version & Manual Update Guide

This article provides information on the build version delivered with the latest Bitdefender product update. It also shows you how to manually update the Bitdefender security solution installed on your Windows computer.


The current build of Bitdefender

Bitdefender needs to be updated daily, and it frequently updates its signatures multiple times within a day. However, when it comes to product updates that involve changing the version number, they occur less frequently, typically once every 4 weeks. These updates are important for improving product performance, adding new features, and enhancing security.

Bitdefender’s most recent version number is and was released on July 9, 2024.

Product Update Changelog:

– Integrated new web protection driver

– Integrated new antivirus drivers

– Integrated new Advanced Threat Defense driver

– Integrated new Antispam engine

– Added the option to print to PDF in Safepay

– Fixed absence of Bitdefender Password Manager in Safepay

– Fixed issue where Firewall fails to block connections when connected to VPN

– Fixed Alert Mode turning off on PC restart

– Fixed inconsistency in One Click Optimizer data after optimization step

– Fixed oversized One Click Optimizer report card

– Fixed File Shredder not starting

– Fixed Anti-Tracker blocking Cloudflare Turnstile

– Fixed Antispam toolbar not showing in Thunderbird 115.0.1

Note: If your Bitdefender has a different build number, please note that product updates are being released gradually. Once the staged rollout update reaches 100%, Bitdefender will recommend restarting Windows to enjoy the new version’s added benefits.


Manual update guide

Click the corresponding option below to learn how to check the build version of your Bitdefender product or update the antivirus software on your computer: