How to disable Bitdefender VPN notifications for Android transactions

Banking notifications: Secure your transactions. Use Bitdefender VPN

Every time you access a banking website on your Android smartphone or tablet, Bitdefender Mobile Security will send you a notification to remind you to use Bitdefender VPN. This notification will appear in the Android status bar with the message: “Secure your transactions. Use Bitdefender VPN”

To ensure the safety of your data from potential security breaches, we advise you to utilize Bitdefender VPN whenever you access a banking page.


If you don’t want Bitdefender Mobile Security to send you messages about using Bitdefender VPN to secure your transactions, do the following:

  1. First, tap the More icon in the bottom right corner of Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android.
  2. Next, select ⚙︎ Settings in the menu.
  3. Finally, to disable banking-related VPN notifications, toggle Extra privacy for banking pages to the off position.

∴         Extra privacy for banking pages disables banking notifications