How to Import Passwords from other apps or browsers into Bitdefender Password Manager

Bitdefender Password Manager has a feature that allows you to easily import passwords from other password managers and browsers. If you are switching to Bitdefender Password Manager from another password manager service, you may already have stored a considerable amount of usernames, passwords, and other login data within that app or web browser. Now that you’ve come to Bitdefender Password Manager, you’ll want to import all of your saved data to it.

Supported apps & browsers

Bitdefender can seamlessly transfer data only from the applications mentioned below in CSV, JSON, XML, TXT, 1pif, and FSK format. Here’s the full list, in alphabetical order:

1Password, Bitwarden, Bitdefender Password Manager, Bitdefender Wallet, Bitwarden, ByePass, Chrome browser, Claro, Dashlane, Edge browser, ESET Password Manager v2, ESET Password Manager v3, F-Secure, Firefox browser, Gestor de contraseñas – Claro, Gestor de contraseñas – SIT, Gestor de contraseñas – Telnor, KeePass 2.x, LastPass, Panda Dome Passwords, PassWatch, Roboform, Saferpass, SFR Cybersécurité, SIT, StickyPassword, Telnor, Watchguard.

Important! If the name of your browser or password manager is not listed above, please refer to this alternative method – How to edit a CSV file to import data from unsupported password managers.


Import passwords from another dedicated password manager app or browser

Here’s how to import passwords from other apps and web browsers into Bitdefender Password Manager:


1. Click the Password Manager icon Bitdefender Password Manager in your web browser toolbar, or launch the Password Manager app on your smartphone. Enter your master password if prompted.


2. Open the Password Manager menu ≡ to expand the sidebar menu on the left and click the ⚙︎ Settings menu item.

Bitdefender Password Manager settings


3. Scroll down to the Data section and click on the Import data option.

Import data button


4. Use the drop-down menu to select the name of the password manager app or browser you want to import your accounts from, input your Master Password in the corresponding field, then click on Choose File.

Select the name of the password manager app or browser you want to import passwords from             Import passwords from...


5. Select the file containing your usernames and passwords exported from the other password manager, then press the Continue button.

Import Passwords into Bitdefender Password Manager


Once imported, your passwords will become accessible on all devices where the Bitdefender Password Manager application or browser extension is installed.

That was it!