How to Set Up Apple Family Control for Bitdefender Parental Control

Installing Bitdefender Parental Control on your child’s iPhone or iPad involves a few steps to ensure Apple Family Control and Screen Time are set up correctly. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process:


Create a Child Account Using Apple’s Family Sharing

Step 1: Open Settings

On the parent’s iPhone or iPad, open the ⚙︎ Settings app. It’s usually located on your home screen.

Alternatively, on a Mac choose “System Preferences” (or “System Settings”) from your Apple menu  at the top left of the screen, click on your Apple ID name, then access “Family Sharing”.

ⓘ To use Family Sharing, the parent needs an Apple ID signed in on an Apple device. If you don’t have an Apple ID, visit on any internet-connected device to create one. Once you have an Apple ID sign in on the child’s iPhone or iPad, set up Family Sharing and the child’s Apple ID as outlined below, then sign out and sign back in with the child’s Apple ID.


Step 2: Tap on your Apple ID

In the Settings menu, tap on your name at the top. This will open your Apple ID settings.

Apple ID


Step 3: Access Family Sharing

Access the “Family Sharing” option. If this is your first time setting up Family Sharing, you’ll also need to tap on “Continue” to proceed with the setup process.

Family Sharing                    Continue


Step 4: Invite Family Members

In the Family section, tap the + symbol in the top right corner or tap “Add Member” on iOS 15 or earlier. This will allow you to add a family member to your Family Sharing group, which includes setting up an Apple ID for your child.



Step 5: Create a Child Account

You’ll be presented with 2 options: to invite someone to join Family Sharing or to create an account for a child. Choose the option “Create Child Account”.

Create Child Account

ⓘ   The steps below might differ slightly based on your iOS version. Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your child’s Apple ID and turn on Screen Time.


Step 6: Enter Child’s Name & Birthday

Enter the child’s name and birthday, then tap the “Verify You Are an Adult” button.

Create a Child Account


Step 7: Confirm your payment method

To verify you’re an adult tap on “Credit/debit card” and enter the requested card details. Then tap on “Done”. Your card won’t be charged.

card                    Enter card details


Step 8: Review the Terms & Conditions

Tap “Agree” after you review the Parent Privacy Disclosure as well as the Terms & Conditions.

Family Privacy Disclosure                   Terms & Conditions


Step 9: Create Child’s Apple ID

Create an email address for the child’s new Apple ID, or use their existing email. Once you’re satisfied, tap on “Continue”, then tap on “Create Email Address”.

Continue                  Create Email Address


Step 10: Choose a Password

If you opt to create a new email address for your child’s Apple ID, you will be asked to choose a password. Then tap on “Continue”.

Apple ID Password


Step 11: Use your Phone Number

Next, use your personal phone number and make sure it’s correct, as it will receive a verification code the next time the child logs into a new device.

Use your phone number


Step 12: Turn on Screen Time

After creating the child’s account, tap “Continue” to enable Screen Time for any device signed in with the child’s Apple ID.

Screen Time


Step 13: Enable Restrictions

Next, tap “Turn on Restrictions” to use the suggested content restrictions that are based on the age of your child.

Turn On Restrictions


Step 14: Communication Safety

Next, tap “Continue” to protect your child from viewing sensitive photos and videos.

Sensitive Photos and Videos Protection


Step 15: Screen Distance

Tap “Continue” on the Screen Distance screen. This feature encourages your child to move their iOS device further away to support vision health.

Screen Distance


Step 16: Keep Track of Screen Time

Tap “Turn On App & Website Activity” to restrict access to certain websites and content.

Turn On App & Website Activity


Step 17: Set Time Away from Screens

Tap “Turn on Downtime” to set a schedule for time away from the screen.

Turn On Downtime


Step 18: Set App & Website Limits

Set daily time limits for app categories you want to manage, then tap the “Set App Limit” button.

Set App Limit


Step 19: Set a Screen Time Passcode

Once the setup is complete, you need to set a passcode that your child can’t guess to prevent them from changing the Screen Time settings.

Passcode                  Re-enter your passcode

You’ve successfully created an Apple ID account for your child’s iOS device! Now you can set up their iPhone or iPad with this new Apple ID. Here are the next steps:


Set Up Screen Time on the Child’s iPhone or iPad

After adding your child’s Apple ID to Family Sharing, proceed to their iPhone or iPad. Sign in with the newly created Apple ID to enable Screen Time settings for parental control and monitoring purposes.

Step 20: Open Settings

Go to the child’s iPhone or iPad and open the ⚙︎ Settings app.


Step 21: Tap on the user icon

In the Settings menu tap on the child’s name or the user icon at the top. This will open the Apple ID settings.



Step 22: Sign in with the Child’s Apple ID

Sign in with the new iCloud email address you’ve just created for your child.

  • If the device is already signed in to a different Apple ID, scroll down and tap on “Sign Out”. Then sign in with the new iCloud email.

Sign Out                  Apple ID Sign in


Step 23: Enter the verification code

To complete the sign-in process, type the verification code sent to your phone number.

Your Apple ID Code is:

After a short wait, Screen Time and the restrictions you set for your child’s account will automatically enable on their iPhone or iPad.


Remember that you can adjust these settings anytime by going back to Settings > Screen Time.  For more information, you can also visit the official Apple Support article on setting up a child’s device with Family Sharing.