260 Researchers

Across five research centers

30 Billion

Daily threat queries from hundreds of millions of sensors worldwide

400 Threats

Discovered and processed every minute


Employees innovating in emerging technologies and machine learning

20 Years of Constant Innovation in Cybersecurity


World-class security researchers are the heart of Bitdefender products. With more than 20 years of research expertise, Bitdefender Labs team has performed and documented hundreds of investigations and helped dismantle notorious cyber-criminal organizations.


The forensics team works closely with private entities and law enforcement agencies to track the world's most elusive threats.


Since 2015, Bitdefender Labs operates a dedicated research arm focusing on IoT vulnerabilities and privacy.


At the forefront of ransomware research, Bitdefender helps organizations protect against and recover from ransomware attacks with free tools and decryptors.


More than 25 threat hunters and security analysts available around the clock in our San Antonio, Texas Security Operations Center.