Protection proven consistently in independent tests

30+ Security Layers

Ensuring defense in depth for MSP customers

11+ years 

Perfecting AI and automatic behavioral detection

1 console

Unifying Next-gen AV, EDR, MDR, Risk Analytics and hardening

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Products and services designed for Service Providers and available with monthly licensing:

Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud MSP Security

Bitdefender GravityZone Cloud MSP Security

Unified, highly effective cybersecurity designed to help MSPs remotely manage protection for customers while reducing costs and increasing security profits.

Managed Detection and Response

Bitdefender MDR Foundations

A true 24/7 detection and response service, with expert, human-led, targeted and risk-based threat hunting across customers’ environments, that augments MSPs' capabilities and delivers threat hunting, detection, and response.

pinnacle hospitality systems

“The product works, It does what it’s supposed to do and the support is excellent. We’ve re-evaluated it again, there’s nothing out there that really can compete.”

Will McKillop, Director of Field Service

Pinnacle Hospitality Systems,
safe systems

“…that’s where Bitdefender excels – the trust it there, the performance is there, the track record – so we’re able to point to that when we say: Hey, we have these services backed by Bitdefender.”

Chris Banta, Senior Technology Dev Ops Engineer

Safe Systems
Iris Solutions

“I’m confident Bitdefender is the best solution because I’ve seen the results. I’ve seen it stop infections, I’ve seen it have minimal performance impact, I’ve seen it easy to deploy. I don’t have to babysit it.”

Tyler Thomas, Senior IT Services Technician

Iris Solutions
enable resource group

“What I like most about Bitdefender is that it just works and I don’t have to spend a lot of time managing it.”

James Vavra, Senior Network Engineer

Enable Resource Group
northstar services

“For software the be something that you truly love, it has to do all the things correctly… Bitdefender just ticks the boxes in all of those areas. That’s why we chose it.”

John Williams, Managing Director

Northstar Services


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