extended detection and response across endpoints, networks and cloud

Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

With Bitdefender XDR technology, users benefit from out-of-the-box analytics and advanced heuristics which correlate disparate alerts, enabling quick triage of incidents and rapid attack containment through automated and guided response.

What is XDR (Extended Detection and Response)?

Extend automated cybersecurity with telemetry across endpoints, networks, and cloud

XDR evolves EDR (endpoint detection and response) cybersecurity capabilities and fulfills out-of-the-box the incident responders’ needs to integrate additional telemetry sources, deliver contextualized security incidentsn, and more comprehensive response capabilities.

XDR aims to bridge asset visibility gaps in enterprise organizations and leverage cloud-scale security analytics to provide high-fidelity, actionable insights to security operations teams. The main capabilities of XDR include:

  • Efficacy of detections – XDR detections are based around the endpoint and correlated with other telemetry sources where business data is stored and accessed
  • Speed of investigation – XDR extends investigation capabilities by building an automated root cause analysis across integrated telemetry sources within the entire organization
  • Speed and completeness of response - extends response capabilities outside of EDR to provide both endpoint and non-endpoint response recommendations and swift response actions
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GravityZone XDR

Bitdefender GravityZone XDR (extended detection and response) cybersecurity solution analyzes and detects attacks from across an organization’s infrastructure and applications with more accurate detection and rapid, guided response.

  • Better Observability
  • Best-in-class detection
  • Rapid investigation
  • Single-click non-endpoint response
Cybersecurity data from all your network environments

Comprehensive single-vendor solution for endpoint, network, identities, and cloud workloads. Our easy to deploy and manage sensors enable organizations to bring in data from across the organization, not just from managed endpoints. Added context and correlation automatically triage incidents and brings the most important threats to the top.

XDR - best detection

Industry-leading prevention and detection methods are applied to a broad set of data sources. We have developed multi-tier correlation and detection algorithms delivered both locally to the sensor and at the cloud platform level. We are not reliant on other security vendor’s technologies for detection. Additionally, we enable security teams to easily create their own detection rules.

fully automated extended detection and response solution

Automated threat identification, triage, prioritization, and response designed for teams with varying skill sets. We automatically build the root cause analysis and contextualize it with automated and guided investigations of incidents. One screen with all the data needed to confidently take action.

Automated XDR security

The response is executed directly from within the XDR Platform. Unlike Hybrid XDR vendors, we don’t ask security teams to integrate workflows or rely on a separate Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) technologies, we provide out-of-the-box response actions across endpoints, identities, email, cloud applications, and network controls to rapidly respond to threats from one integrated console.

How does XDR work?

How does XDR work?

  • Monitor and perform sophisticated analysis on security data encompassing the network, endpoint, identity, and cloud- even when there is no agent deployed on the endpoint.
  • Fast, automated detection and triage across the organization
  • Rapid access to data for threat hunting and root cause analysis from a single console. Security teams must be able to quickly answer: What happened? Why was this incident generated and what is the root cause? How has this incident affected the organization? And, how should I respond to minimize the business impact?
  • Quickly respond to a threat across siloed tools across the entire lifecycle of the attack. Automated and guided response to help security teams ensure they are dealing with the full scope of the attack as rapidly as possible.
Why do you need XDR?

Why do you need XDR?

Expanded detection capabilities across the kill-chain for earlier detection of attacks across a wide variety of infrastructure and cloud environments

  • Rapidly reduces the dwell time of the attacker by providing the right context at the analyst’s fingertips
  • Responds before business damage is done, fully containing the threat
  • Cost optimization by incorporating multiple security functions into a single, easy-to-use platform
  • Reduce burden on security staff by providing deeper context through automated evidence collection, root cause analysis and recommended response actions
  • One provider for the entire security technology stack: prevention, detection and response
Use cases for XDR

Use cases for XDR

  • Enable fast automated triage across the organization’s environment
  • Perform sophisticated analysis on security data encompassing the network, endpoint, identity and cloud
  • Enable threat hunting and root cause analysis
  • Offer swift, guided response across the organization
types of XDR Solutions

Native XDR vs Hybrid XDR Solutions

Depending on whether the additional sources of telemetry are part of the same vendor portfolio or not, an XDR solution is classified by Forrester as “Native” or “Hybrid.”
The Native XDR (extended detection and response) approach relies on the tight alignment of the vendor’s own portfolio and stronger integration between the elements providing telemetry. 

This type of XDR is, therefore, faster to deploy and provides a shorter time to value. It is also expected that a Native XDR solution will include a higher degree of automation and will be operationally less complex, demanding fewer and fewer senior security resources. Forrester suggests in the report that organizations with smaller and less mature security teams will benefit most from a Native XDR. Alternatively, Hybrid XDR offers higher flexibility and multiple integration options with various third parties, allowing security teams to leverage the tooling of their choice. This makes Hybrid XDR a choice suited for larger and more mature security teams.

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Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized as a cybersecurity leader by independent testing organizations, industry analyst firms and media outlets.

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