Security against Fileless Techniques

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Bitdefender HyperDetect, a tunable machine learning technology, extracts meanings and instructions from the command line and scripts. Additionally, Process Inspector operates on a zero-trust basis, monitoring running processes and system events. Behavior analytics coupled with event correlation allows effective threat remediation.

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  • Memory Protection
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Bitdefender HyperDetect can secure against fileless attacks at pre-execution. Highly tuned machine learning models spot zero-day strains with high accuracy.

Bitdefender adaptive technology successfully secures endpoints against malware during multiple stages in the attack kill-chain by analyzing the behavior at a code level.   

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Malicious payloads are often delivered and executed by misusing legitimate Operating System tools like PowerShell to evade traditional defenses.

Bitdefender behavioral technology detects suspicious execution trees launched by the internal tools and provides swift remediation.    

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Bitdefender machine learning-driven security technologies analyze command lines, scrutinize internet connections, monitor process behavior and protect the memory space of the running process.

It intercepts, detects hostile intent and blocks fileless malware prior to code injection in the memory.    

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Superior Modern Threat Protection

Bitdefender leads the third-party independent testing in simulated real-life scenarios. Superior protection with effective remediation secures our customers from advanced threats like WannaCry. It adds an additional layer of security against adversaries that exploit security misconfigurations and security blind spots to gain access with a financial motive.   

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Efficient Incident Response

Security teams shoulder the largest cybersecurity burden triaging alerts and responding to incidents.

In MITRE ATT&CK® evaluation tests, Bitdefender shined at actionable detections and alerts across every step of the entire attack chain. Bitdefender is an ideal solution for resource and skill-constrained organizations that are eager to extend their EDR capabilities but are concerned about the complexity of these solutions.   

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Reduced Performance Impact

Bitdefender consumes fewer resources with enhanced performance and speed of detection. 

The adaptive, layered endpoint security provides continuous monitoring of runtime behavior and helps predict, prevent and evade zero-day threats and other cyberattacks. 

The solution is intuitive and easily tunable which produces low numbers of False Positives than the competition.   

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Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

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"Bitdefender EDR has helped us increase our resilience against cyber-attacks. EDR makes detection more accurate and provides a solid background on what’s happening at the endpoint. This helps us decide how to respond—whether we block suspicious files or processes or isolate an endpoint.”

Geraint Treharne

Creditsafe’s Head of Information Security and Compliance


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