Proactive Protection against Ransomware

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Bitdefender provides multiple layers of protection from ransomware, analyzing and intercepting malicious software on-access and on-execution.

We prevent malware from encrypting personal or sensitive data, keeping your organization safe. The solution also proactively protects you by automatically creating a backup of target files that restore after the malware is blocked.

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  • Reducing Risk
  • Keeping up to date
  • Protecting Data
  • Stopping initial infection​
  • Real-time protection​
  • Detection & Response
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Maintain security posture at scale ​

Ransomware authors use exploit kits that take advantage of zero-day or unpatched vulnerabilities to gain a system foothold.​

The GravityZone Patch Management module helps organizations keep operating systems and applications up to date across the entire install base.​

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Keep pace with a changing threat landscape

Bitdefender keeps pace with malware evolution with one of the industry's largest real-world repositories, collected from a vast global network of sensors.​

Powerful machine learning and emulation engines protect against new malware that evades traditional defenses. Bitdefender continuously detects new patterns, prevents file encryption, and preserves full system access.​

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Recover quickly with pro-active data protection​

With Bitdefender security, administrators can monitor network shares and prevent the files from being encrypted. ​

Bitdefender creates automatic, up-to-date tamperproof backup copies of user files, identifying when ransomware attempts to encrypt files and automatically creating a backup of target files that are restored after the malware is blocked. 

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Discover breaches before they can cause damage​

Bitdefender focuses on attack techniques to protect systems and prevent ransomware from spreading. Advanced anti-exploit technologies can quickly identify and terminate malicious processes automatically.​

GravityZone Endpoint and Human Risk Analytics monitor user credential misuse for elevated privileges. Security teams can investigate further to thwart cybercriminals early in the ransomware kill chain.​

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Benefit from multiple techniques to block malware​

GravityZone monitors running processes in real-time such as registry key modifications, file access, unexpected encryption, and more, to identify suspicious or malicious processes for automatic or manual termination by security teams.​

Trained machine learning blocks ransomware exploits that arrive through network ingress points, halting malicious activity in the initial access, credential access, discovery, and lateral movement attack stages.​

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Reduce attacker dwell time to minimize the cost of breaches​

GravityZone Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) automatically correlates multiple indicators of attack and compromise (IOAs/IOCs) with malicious activity observed on the system and the network.  ​

EDR facilitates fast and accurate incident response that reduces attacker dwell time and enables rapid recovery from infection.​

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Comprehensive Ransomware Protection

Bitdefender adaptive technology secures endpoints that are the gateways to high-value servers and other targets hosting proprietary information, customer data, payment details and other valuable intellectual property.  

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Seamless Business Continuity

Ransomware mitigation provides protection against all common ransomware attack vectors. Additionally, the endpoint security correlates multiple indicators of attack and compromise with malicious activity observed on the system and on the network, facilitating fast and accurate incident response that reduces attacker dwell time and facilitates fast file recovery from ransomware.  

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Increased User Productivity

Customers are freed from the exclusive reliance on problematic onsite backups or long restore times from cloud backups. Consumers can rest easy knowing that Bitdefender adapts to defeat new and emerging ransomware techniques moving restrictive security vs. user productivity balance in favor of the user.  

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GravityZone Business Security

 A resource-efficient security solution that provides high performance and protection while delivering centralized management, easy deployment and the freedom to choose between a cloud or an on-premise hosted management console.  

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GravityZone Business Security Premium

Safeguards your organization from sophisticated cyber-attacks like Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and ransomware with more than 30 layers of machine-learning-driven security technologies.  

Industry Recognition

Bitdefender is recognized by industry analyst firms and independent testing organizations.

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With Bitdefender, Kansas Public Finance (KDFA) is keeping its endpoints free of ransomware, avoiding cleanup and lost productivity, and ensuring an efficient workflow. More importantly, KDFA can be productive and responsive to client requests. A painful repercussion following a ransomware attack prior to using Bitdefender was having to recreate lost financial documents and telling users about their lost data.

Kansas Public Finance Corporation keeps out ransomware with ease

Case Study
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When the Wannacry ransomware attacked Europe, the University was not affected. The staff also was able to fine-tune GravityZone settings to target and eliminate a few lingering Cryptolocker infections

Bitdefender blocks malware at 500-year-old university

Case Study
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In two years of operation, the city has detected no security incidents—and they have the reports to prove it. “We haven’t had any infections,” he says. “We haven’t had any breaches. Any viruses were defeated instantly. We were completely unaffected by worldwide ransomware attacks or Google docs phishing."

GravityZone inspires confidence in city government security


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