New Bitdefender Decryptor for Avaddon Infections


June 21, 2021

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New Bitdefender Decryptor for Avaddon Infections

In February, Bitdefender released a partial decryptor for Avaddon ransomware. We now have an updated version of this tool available for free to help victims get their data back.

Who is Avaddon?

Avaddon is a family of ransom likely operated from within the Commonwealth of Independent States. Active since 2019, it evolved into a fully-fledged Ransomware-as-a-Service (Raas) operation. Like most RaaS businesses, its operators encrypt data, but also exfiltrate important information and threaten the victim with dumping it online unless a ransom is paid. Avaddon also used additional extortion tactics by threatening business victims with devastating DDoS attacks if they did not pay up.

What’s next for ransomware operators?

The shutdown of a prominent ransomware group like Avaddon is good news, especially given that a  decryptor is finally available for those victims who refused – or could not afford – to pay tens of thousands of dollars to cybercriminals to unlock their files. While good news, its most likely short-lived as competition in the RaaS space is fierce and other RaaS providers will quickly fill the gap. Historically, unless these extortionists are found, prosecuted and jailed, they will re-emerge after a few short months under a new guise. We are encouraged however by the recent Executive Order for improving U.S. cybersecurity and steps being taken globally to address ransomware attacks through collaboration of law enforcement, government agencies and the private sector.

Download the Avaddon Decryption Tool:

Victims of Avaddon ransomware can download the Avaddon decryption tool for free to get their encrypted data back.

Download the Avaddon decryptor

A step-by-step tutorial on how to use the Avaddon decryption tool is available here.

To learn more about preventing ransomware attacks, please check out our ransomware protection and removal solutions page at




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