Data breaches in Spain. How to report a breach as an organization and protect your data as a person whose data leaked

Cristina POPOV

November 23, 2023

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Data breaches in Spain. How to report a breach as an organization and protect your data as a person whose data leaked

Due to the increasing number of data breaches and attacks, the Spanish Data Protection Authority launched a tool called "Asesora Brecha" last year to simplify notifications of data breaches.

Asesora Brecha is a resource designed to assist data controllers and organizations in determining their obligation to announce when suffering from a breach.

Specifically, the functions include:

  • Who has to notify the supervisory authority
  • Which situations correspond to a data breach and which not
  • Which is the competent authority

By providing clear guidance, it empowers organizations to make informed decisions promptly, ensures that the necessary steps are taken to mitigate any potential risks or harm, and promotes and facilitates compliance with the GDPR.

Should you rely only on organizations and authorities to protect your data?

By all means, no. It is crucial to understand that your online privacy is ultimately in your hands and that your actions, or lack thereof, can have significant consequences.

Here is the minimum you can do to protect your data:

Strengthen passwords - Use strong, unique passwords to fortify your defense against unauthorized access to your accounts and change them immediately when an account is involved in a breach.

Embrace Two-Factor Authentication - Enabling this feature whenever possible adds an additional barrier for potential attackers, further enhancing your online privacy.

Avoid risky websites and emails – Be vigilant and cautious about the links you click on, the websites you visit, and the emails you interact with; you can prevent falling victim to scams or inadvertently sharing personal information.

Get your own breach notification tool, Digital Identity Protection. This dedicated identity protection solution lets you know immediately if your data has been exposed in a breach. Instead of finding out about it from a press release, you know instantly what happened and what you need to do next to minimize risks by following easy one-click action items. Moreover, you can instantly check if your data was leaked in an old breach, what information was exposed, and how risky this is for you.

With Digital Identity Protection, you'll receive notifications, weekly reports, personalized recommendations, and informative newsletters following scans, including actionable advice about what you should do next to secure your online accounts and digital identity.

Try it today and find out what is happening with your personal information!



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